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Rachelette A03 Fuchsia


Rachelette A05 Deep Blue


Rachelette A06 Electric Blue


Rachelette A08 Lavender Rose


Rachelette A09 Yellow Green


Rachelette A105 Sparkling Amethyst


Rachelette A106 Deep Sea Blue Green


Rachelette A107 Antique Copper


Rachelette A109 Golden Peach


Rachelette A111 Burnt Sugar


Rachelette A112 Gilded Black


Rachelette A113 Ruby


Rachelette A115 Sea Green


Rachelette A117 Pale Blue Green


Rachelette A143 Tarnished Silver


Rachelette A16 Silver White


Rachelette A17 Frosted Blue


Rachelette A22 Caramel


Rachelette A26 Icy Pale Gold


Rachelette A27 Light Rose


Rachelette A30 Black Confetti


Rachelette A34 Garnet


Rachelette A37 Eggplant


Rachelette A45 Periwinkle Blue


Rachelette A46 4th of July Blue


Rachelette A47 24 Carat Gold


Rachelette A59 Fire Orange


Rachelette A64 Silver Taupe


Rachelette A65 Med Gold Taupe


Rachelette A66 Light Gold Taupe


Rachelette A67 Lt Brass


Rachelette A68 Med Brass


Rachelette A69 Bronze


Rachelette A70 Medium Olive


Rachelette A71 Dark Olive


Rachelette A72 Bright Yellow


Rachelette A73 Lt Mint Green


Rachelette A75 Moss


Rachelette A76 Xmas Green


Rachelette A77 Hunter Green


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