About Us

Exclamation Point has proudly served Santa Clara County for nearly 40 years. Originally established in 1977, growth, popularity, and ownership changes necessitated several moves to different locations in Los Gatos and Saratoga, CA. Today, the store is located at 1055 Monroe Street in Santa Clara, where it continues to offer the needlearts community a wide variety of threads, canvases, cross stitch patterns, knitting supplies, and more.

Current owner, Melanie Vancil, has expanded the product inventory and store specialties to include embroidery, crochet, and tatting. Regular group meetings at Exclamation Point provide stitchers with fun opportunities to share needlework knowledge and socialize. Additionally, classes are offered in basic needlepoint, counted cross-stitch, knitting, crocheting, and tatting (eventually, Melanie hopes to start a needlework school, in conjunction with Exclamation Point, that will provide a wide variety of needlework classes for all who wish to learn).

No matter your stitching style or skill level, we’ve got the needlearts products and services you need to bring your creative ideas to life. Our devoted staff members specialize in personalized customer service, offering expert product knowledge, one-on-one customer care, and ongoing support to help you enjoy, and succeed at, your favorite needle crafting activities.


Melanie - Owner

Melanie bought The Exclamation Point in October 2011, and relocated it to 1055 Monroe Street, Santa Clara, CA. Melanie is a long time needlework enthusiast. She started learning basic embroidery at the age of 4. She taught herself to crochet when 10 years old and to knit when she was 16. Since then she has tried cross stitch, crewel embroidery, and tatting. She has always wanted to learn needlepoint and while a member of a Renaissance Faire guild decided it was time. She found the Exclamation Point in about 2006, and thanks to the S.W.A.N.s she began learning needlepoint. In 2011, Melanie became the proud owner of the Exclamation Point. Melanie is dedicated to expanding her knowledge of the needle arts. She thinks the arts should be available to anyone who wishes to learn them. She offers classes to students as young as 10 and up. Melanie teaches basic knitting, crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch and needlepoint. She has contact with a tatting teacher for those who wish to learn tatting. She has established a resource library for customers to use for inspiration and learning. Besides her needlework, she enjoys reading, card and board games and being with her family.


Heather - Manager

Heather started learning to knit and crochet as a teen. Unfortunately it proved not to be a hobby for her. She then started with little counted cross-stitch kits with frames. Those now hang in her mother’s home office. Not long after that she was handed a large stamped cross-stitch piece that her grandmother had started, and then handed to Melanie (Heather’s mother), who then handed it to Heather. Two years later it was finished, framed and given to her grandmother as a present. From there Heather has finished a few other stamped cross-stitch pieces. In her early twenty’s, Melanie introduced her to needlepoint, and Heather hasn’t stopped stitching since. You can find one of her finished pieces sitting in the shop, and at least one of her current projects sitting in the shop at any time. Heather’s other hobbies are horse back riding, costuming, and adding to her personal library of reading books.


Louie and Cali - Shop Mascots

Louie is Heather's beautiful black cat, who is our part-time shop cat. He is very friendly and willing to let you pet him. Louie makes his appearance at the shop on Mondays,  and Fridays, when convenient for him.

Meet Cali! The newest addition to the shop. She will be occasionally joining Louie in his shop cat duties here. Come on by and give her a cuddle. They are both super sweet and friendly!


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